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Meet Polly"s Friends

Fifi - Fifi

This is Fifi. She has an apartment in Paris and you can find her in Fifi"s Parisian Apartment (1990)

Meet Midge! Midge runs a flower shop. Go visit her at Midge"s Flower Shop (1990)

Midge - Midge

Saki - Suki

Here are Suki and Atsuko! They live in Japan and have a Japanese Tea House. Come and join them for a walk through their garden and afternoon tea Suki"s Japanese Tea House (1990)

Atsuko - Suki

Alexia is visiting Polly at the beach! Come along - they are going to swim, tan and BBQ at Polly"s Summer House (1993)

Alexia - Summer House

Lulu - Camp Days Locket

Little Lulu is traveling! She"s going camping and you are invited to join her Camp Days Locket (1991)

Chef Belinda - Pizzeria

Torry - Pizzeria

Ke;;y - Pizzeria
Chef Belinda makes the best pizza in Pollyville! Torry is having lunch with Polly. You can have some, too! It is at the Pollyville Pizzeria Kelly will serve your pizza and soda

Fairy Ella - Fairylight Ball

Fairy Ella and Pixie have gone to the Fairylight Ball (1993) ... You can go, too! There is a balloon ride and a fairy wheel. And the fairies dance when Pixie conducts the Fairy Band.

Pixie - Fairylight Ball

Open Invitation

Please visit our " Collections " page where all of our friends share their Polly Pocket collections. Many of you have wonderful displays set up and others look like ours, spilling out of the cupboards, closets and cardboard boxes! Whatever, don"t be shy...let"s see it! Email your pictures

Polly has so many friends! She even has lots of human friends who have so much fun collecting and playing in her world just like you do...Please take time to visit some of the them.

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This list is open to all ages who collect or sell Mattel Polly Pocket or Bluebird Toys. It is a happy list of happy collectors.

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